Meet Our Founder

Anthony Hamedi is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and the founder and director of Hope Autism Therapies, LLC in Irvine, California. Throughout the years, Anthony has gained tremendous amount of knowledge and experience from interacting directly with children, adolescents, and adults with autism and comorbidity including ADD, ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, bi-polar disorder, and anxiety disorder. 

In 1999, Anthony discovered his true passion and career path when he was introduced to autism and was exposed to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) by enrolling in a paid internship program while pursuing his bachelor degree in Psychology at California State University in Long Beach. He started working with individuals with autism and Down Syndrome and quickly discovered the great feeling that followed as reward for helping families overcome challenges and improving the quality of their lives. This reward captured Anthony’s attention, captivated his interest, and became his obsession.

Anthony has a master degree in Teaching with Specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis from National University in Costa Mesa, California and has completed his board certification. Anthony has had first hand experience in providing high quality and compassionate 1:1 intervention and parent consultation services to clients throughout California from San Francisco to Los Angeles and Orange County. As a seasoned clinical coordinator and manager, Anthony has developed the necessary discipline and leadership skills to lead a successful and result-driven team. He works shoulder to shoulder with his team members, carefully designs each intervention program and directly supervises its implementation performed by his well-trained, competent and creative staff to ensure the highest level of care. In addition, Anthony personally provides parent training sessions. He also provides 1:1 ABA therapy to our clients for ongoing staff training purposes and program monitoring.

Anthony says: "Dealing with autism is like learning a new language. When you learn a new language in a new environment you soon discover difficulties associated with not being able to communicate with others. You also discover that it becomes difficult to fit in and make friends and you may feel isolated and out of place until you become more fluent. Individuals with autism are typically faced with similar dilemmas until they acquire the necessary skills."
As a twice immigrant, Anthony knows what it is like and what it takes to learn a new language. As a scholar and ABA specialist, he comprehends the difficulties and challenges associated with autism and the efforts required to design and implenet a well rounded program. With his multicultural background, Anthony is the ideal candidate to work with diverse populations in different settings. 

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